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Letter: Has New Westminster's May Day had its day?

Should we leave this part of our colonial history behind?
Is it time for New Westminster's May Day celebrations (seen here in 2022) to be laid to rest? This writer says yes.


I find the May Day celebrations confusing. It was a "rite of passage" for the girls in elementary school — not including the boys.

Then they were introduced as "Royal Knights"; not sure where they had fit in in the 1800s, but they were to be included to show that this wasn’t biased just to girls.

When the SD40 weren’t going to take part anymore, the committee was up in arms and lobbied city hall as well as the school board for a couple of years to keep the “tradition “ in New West.

Where in the “tradition” does it have other nationalities dancing other than the maypole dance and the other dance that the girls did with the Lancers — another controversy about adult men dancing with the girls.

Anyway, in this day when more folks don’t want any part of the colonial part of our history, perhaps this should be another "tradition" that is laid to rest.

Lynn Radbourne

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