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Letter: Has New West city council thought about struggling seniors?

A 6.4% tax increase is just too much, this resident says.
Rising rates: Seniors and others struggling with the cost of living will be hit hard by the 6.4 per cent tax increase in New West, this writer says. Photo Andrew Bret Wallis/The Image Bank/Getty Images


A property tax increase of 6.4%?

New Westminster city council should get a real life.

In reality, do they ever think about low-income seniors and people in poverty struggling with the day-to-day cost of living, homeowners constantly selling their homes or whatever they have to do to survive, even some missing meals every day because of the cost of living, or seniors and others pensioners with disabilities working fast food establishments even if they’re not healthy but have no choice?

Thank you, New Westminster city hall, for your undivided attention.

P.S. Port Coquitlam this year is not charging for public swimming pools.

Gary Prokovich

📢 SOUND OFF: Are you struggling with the cost of living in New West? Will you find the 6.4% increase hard to manage? What would you suggest the city do to help those facing financial hardship? Share your thoughts — send us a letter.