Letter: Days of last-minute New West shopping are over


When shopping in New Westminster, please have patience.

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With other shoppers. With employees of businesses you frequent. Have respect for other shoppers. For employees of businesses you frequent.

Plan your shopping ahead of time. Know where you are going and the hours of operation for the places you are going. 

Try not to be a last-minute shopper; the employees probably have end of day duties to perform and they want to go home. Find out ahead of time any restrictions that apply, like how many people in the business at any one time, mask requirements, etc. 

Remember that a couple shopping together counts as two separate people not one person, and children count. This is nothing against children, but when going into certain places, like small businesses, hair salons, dentists, etc., please leave children at home where possible.

Remember that social distancing applies towards the employees of the business as well as towards other shoppers. 

Don't take out your frustration with the rules on the business's employees; they didn't make them, but they do have to follow them. Don't reach past barriers at checkout counters. If you need something behind the barrier, ask an employee.

Regarding masks: please remember to speak clearly if you are wearing a mask. Don't get angry with employees or other shoppers who ask you to repeat what you said, they are just trying to provide good customer service and are being polite. 

Try not to touch your face if you are wearing a mask (or even if you aren't). Especially, don't leave masks, gloves, wipes where you go. Bring Ziplock bags and dispose of in a public garbage bin located outside the business or take these items home with you.

Lisa Finnigan, New Westminster

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