Letter: Creating car-free streets in New West is 'rubbish'


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I see the City of New Westminster council is moving forward with their plan to reallocate 10 per cent of the city streets for non-vehicle uses.

The drivel emitting from this anti-car council is dangerous because there are probably citizens believing such nutty plans. The reason for this scheme to reduce road space and inconvenience residents and visitors to the Royal City is because of climate change?

What rubbish.

This puny community will not fix anything to do with global carbon issues. What is the fear here, a scowl face and a "how dare you?" from Swedish activist Greta Thunberg? United Nations sanctions imposed on the city for not choking the transportation corridors off?

The Grand Poobahs in city hall need to look after what is best for the taxpayers of New West, not alleged issues going on with the rest of the planet. These characters will, of course, try to rush these plans through because they want the streets choked off before they are booted out of office.

Hopefully this undertaking will be delayed until residents can have an input via the ballot box.

I am not optimistic - activist politicians only listen to those who agree with them.

Barry Craig, Vancouver

Editor’s note: The city’s plan is to reallocate a minimum of 10% of today’s street spaces that serve only motor vehicles, including transit, to sustainable transportation or public gathering spaces by 2030. So the city is clearly not rushing anything. Also, the vast majority of the world's scientists say climate change is real and puts our planet greatly at risk.


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