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Letter: Closure of New West petting zoo a really ba-a-a-a-d idea

Some local residents want it to re-open
Queen's Park petting farm goats
Queen's Park petting farm.


For more than 40 years, my wife and I have spent many happy hours with our children and grandchildren at the Queens' Park children's zoo.

We are more than disappointed to learn that there are no plans to reopen the zoo this summer. I thought of starting a petition but instead I've decided to ask some of my animal friends their opinion.

The ducks told me that the idea of closing the zoo must be that of some quackpot! Mrs. Hen is boiling mad and feels the council has really laid an egg with this decision. Mrs. Cow had hoped her next year's calf would mo-o-o-ve in for a summer vacation. Mrs. Goat thought I must be kidding and wants the animal farm reopened, no ands ifs or butts about it!

Mr. Peacock was looking for an opportunity to show off his summer finery. The bunnies, who love seeing the delighted smiles on little ones' faces, are hopping mad! Mr. Pig grunted in disgust and buried his snout in the mud. Mama Cat said that her husband, Tom, insists on a new litter every year and that the zoo was a perfect place to show off her kittens so they could be adopted by loving families. To sum it up, Mother Ewe thought closing the zoo was a ba-a-a-a-d idea.

John Mountain, New Westminster