Letter: City needs to add more Christmas lights on 12th Street


Seven days ago, I called New Westminster city hall with an observation and request: Please put up some additional Christmas lighting/decorations on 12th Street. Why? Because what has been done for past Christmastimes consists of only a very pathetic string of lights wrapped around the light poles. 

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Rather sad, don't you think - especially when a couple/few years ago the city wasted no time in setting up the new parking meter system, which is likely generating even more revenue than the old system.

I drove by the 6th and 6th area today - how lovely. 

Everyone is aware how beautiful Columbia Street looks when all decorated up for Christmastime. Then why is poor 12th Street left with presumably the last dregs of lighting - one sad little string of lights per light pole? 

I live in the area and would appreciate having additional decorations put up for Christmastime. I'm sure other residents - and the merchants, too - would similarly appreciate some attention being given to poor old 12th Street. After all, my house taxes have only increased, so why can't the city spend a bit more to pretty up 12th Street? 

Returning to my call to city hall seven days ago with my request, it was never returned. I called back today and, after being shifted to a few different numbers, left yet another message asking for a reply about getting more Christmas lights on 12th Street. 

Who knows? Maybe I'll get a response and who knows, maybe the city will put up more lights.

B. Kendall, New Westminster

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