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Letter: Are you on mushrooms? Just let Queen's Park be a New West gem

"A place to love. No farm required."
Queen's Park is a natural haven for New Westminsterites, this writer says — it doesn't need a mushroom wall or a farm of any kind.


Mushroom wall in Queen's Park. Seriously? Are you folks on mushrooms?

Thank you, Daniel Fontaine, for exercising basic common sense while raising questions around this and other issues. If only the answers were sensible.

To even consider spending half a million dollars on this space is madness, in my opinion.

It is a park of bushes, trees, plants and grass. Birds, bugs, slugs and squirrels. A place to lie, to play, to gather, to be. A place to enjoy a book, a blanket, a chair, a ball, a snack. 

A place to love. No farm required.

Ted Slusar, Queensborough