Letter: $5 million too much to spend on 3 New West blocks


The city plans to spend $5,000,000 on the Rotary Crosstown Greenway protected bike lanes between 5th and 7th Streets in the next four years. For three blocks? 

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A resident in our building took it upon himself to count the bicycles using these lanes, and counted 30 in one day. This was in the summertime and in good weather.

Surely there are more urgent needs in the city for $5 million. Some days almost as many use the street as use the bike lanes.

If the city insists on having these lanes, did they look at some European cities that have lanes in the middle of the street where they can be easily seen, plus making easier visibility for cars exiting their driveways?

I favour helping the environment, but think we must include common sense. 

New Westminster has all these seniors who are past using bicycles, mothers pushing strollers, and (people with disabilities). 

Keep these in mind when you make your plans.

Laura Simpson, New Westminster

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