Instead of just making a decision on daylight saving time, B.C. orders a survey

Chris Campbell

B.C. Premier John Horgan is doing that dance again.

The one where he talks about maybe, perhaps, kinda he is thinking of making daylight saving time time permanent, like “our neighbours in the western United States.”

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It’s something most people want. People love having more daylight and hate winter hours. We're fed up with falling back.

So what’s the hold up?

Instead of just making a decision and getting on with it, Horgan has announced another in his party's endless series of surveys.


"I invite people to consider our options and take part in an online survey that will help us decide whether to leave things as they are or if it's time to make a change,” Horgan said in a news release.

The online survey will be available from June 24 to July 19 at the link below. The survey website has background information on the history of time observance in British Columbia and the impact of various options, such as changes to the timings of sunrise and sunset at different times of year. The survey takes approximately five minutes to complete.

In addition to the online survey, organizations and individuals are invited to provide written submissions about time observance, which affects many key B.C. industries, such as agriculture and transportation.

Sure, public consultation is good for some issues, but sometimes you just want your elected leaders to make a bloody decision and stand by it.

Learn more about daylight saving time and complete the survey here:


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