OUR VIEW: If you're going to party for Halloween, do it safely

Today is Halloween, and that means parties for adults and everything that goes with that.

Fraser Health sent out some handy tips if you plan on using alcohol and/or other drugs:

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Know your tolerance: Use less than before if you are also taking certain prescription medications.

No mixing: Do not mix drugs and alcohol. Mixing drugs increases OD risks.

Know the quality of the drugs: The street quality of substances is unpredictable, so do testers, go slow, and try to use a consistent and reliable dealer.

Don’t use alone: Tell someone before you use, leave the door unlocked, and have someone come check on you.

Carry naloxone: Naloxone is a medication that can reverse an overdose and is available free to people who use drugs and those likely to witness or respond to an overdose through the BC Take Home Naloxone Program.

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