Stop treating New West like a giant garbage bin

Chris Campbell

The City of New Westminster tweeted something awesome today.

It was a message for people to stop dumping on our city.

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The tweet included a photo of a messed-up old couch and this line: “Needless to say, this couch doesn't belong here. We have a special pickup service for larger items starting at $25.”

People need to stop being so lazy and cheap when it comes to larger items they no longer want.

“If you are unsure of how to dispose of unwanted items such as old furniture, electronic devices and other household items, call Engineering Operations at 604-526-4691 and they can offer several ideas for proper disposal, including arranging a Special Pick Up Service for a small fee,” says a posting on the city’s website. 


“There are also recycling centres that will take used TVs, computers and other electronic devices for free. If the items are usable, there are a number of charity organizations that will arrange a pick up for you. For property owners who fail to dispose of discarded items from their property in a timely fashion, even if such items have been illegally dumped, the Unsightly Premise Bylaw No# 5969,1991, may be enforced, resulting in fines and other fees. Individuals caught illegally dumping items may be faced with a fine of $200 and/or other enforcement action.”

Well, there you go. A fine if you get caught compared to a small fee and options for getting rid of your junk.

You’re a grownup so stop treating New West like a garbage can.

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