Opinion: Some clown tossed New Westminster’s COVID signage in the trash

Chris Campbell

Yes, I used the word “clown” in the headline of this blog.

That will offend the people who think we just need to whisper quietly to the people who refuse to follow COVID-19 protocols and recommendations from public health officials.

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They think if we just keep quietly urging them to use common sense then these folks will magically do it, despite health officials quietly urging this common sense for most of 2020.

I’m tired of the quiet urging. I’m fed up with reckless people who ignore the quiet urging.

I’m also stunned by the actions of the clown I refer to in the headline who decided to go beyond ignore protocols to outright vandalism.

“Our parks maintenance crew arrived at Sapperton Park to discover all our COVID safety signage taken down and put into garbage bins,” tweeted the City of New Westminster today (Tuesday). “These signs are intended to guide park users to follow safety protocols. Please respect signs and stay safe while using our parks.”

Then the city added a passive-aggressive “Thanks!” to its tweet.

Just shameful.

I was messaged by a friend saying that this clown is probably just suffering from “pandemic fatigue” – a new term that is giving shelter to some folks who don’t want to follow protocols and recommendations.

Yeah, I get it, people are fed up. So am I. But COVID-19 is now getting worse so it’s time to pull it together and do what’s right to clamp down on the pandemic.

Whining about it isn’t going to flatten the curve. Actions will because whispering messages doesn’t seem to be working.

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