Opinion: Queensborough is in New Westminster, in case you didn’t know

Chris Campbell

Did you know that Queensborough is in New Westminster?

You might think this is a silly question, but some people are a little fuzzy on the issue.

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When Queensborough was hit by that massive fire earlier this week, I noticed a few Vancouver reporters continually referring to it as Annacis Island.

Nope. That’s across the water.

Then, on Wednesday, Premier John Horgan was in Queensborough as part of the B.C. election campaign. The news release issued by the BC NDP didn’t mention the words “New Westminster” once and talked about how Horgan would be joined by the “Richmond team” and then after the premier’s announcement would be a roundtable discussion with “Richmond voters.”


I guess they bussed in those “Richmond voters” to speak with the premier.

All kidding aside, I myself have had to do a bit of a crash course on Queensborough since taking over as editor of the Record.

I grew up in Burnaby and spent plenty of time in New Westminster, but didn’t know too much about Queensborough.

queensborough middle school
Queensborough Middle School. - File

So in the past two years, I’ve taken the Q to Q ferry a bunch of times and walked the trails and streets of this community, chatting with the people who live there (the area has more than 9,000 residents and is still growing). And, once the ferry was halted due to COVID-19, my partner and I have dropped by several more times this summer because it’s such a wonderful place to walk.

One thing the residents I’ve spoken with have told me is how peaceful it is there. And it really is. There is something so calming about walking along the river that made the summer of COVID a little easier to take. Port Royal Park with its community garden is a nice amenity. I also love walking past the rail bridge and watching the tugs chug by.

A few folks admitted they have a bit of a chip on their shoulder, saying they are part of New Westminster but don’t necessarily feel respected by the rest of the city.

The ferry seems to have helped make them feel more connected to the rest of New West. And Horgan’s announcement this week of free dedicated bus service to New Westminster Secondary School has been well received.

You can read the full story here, but here’s an excerpt: “Queensborough students either have to walk across a busy bridge, get a ride from their parents during rush hour or take multiple buses to get to and from NWSS – buses that are frequently full, forcing students to wait even longer.”

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