New West was left off the speed cameras list. Here's where they could go

Chris Campbell

New automated speed enforcement cameras rolled out at certain intersections across the province this week.

New Westminster intersections are not on the list.

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Is that fair?

The first five new cameras were activated Monday and Colin Hynes, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Safety, says the remaining 30 will be installed in a phased approach wrapping up next spring.

Seven of the 35 intersections are in Surrey and 12 are in Vancouver, followed by three in Burnaby.

New West has zero.

Once again, I ask, is that fair? I know the decisions were based on analysing speed and crash data at 140 intersections currently equipped with red-light cameras.

But people also drive like maniacs through intersections in New West, so it would’ve been nice to include our city, too. Better yet, just go all the way and make all 140 intersections equipped to nail these goofs.

Where in New West? Well, I turn to the people for those answers.

I read some tweets from local residents with suggestions.

@MsNWimby says it should be 8th and Royal. “The intersection is so dangerous.

@stickers66 says it should be McBride and 6th, while @vanessawoznow suggests Stewardson and 3rd.

I don’t know if these intersections have red-light cameras, but perhaps those should be added.

I believe Canada Way and 10th Avenue has one of those cameras and it’s a gong show at the best of times.

So, there are a few ideas out there.

According to the Ministry of Public Safety, around 60 per cent of crashes on B.C. roads are at intersections, and the new cameras will be strategically placed at high-risk intersections best suited to ticketing speeding drivers and changing their behaviours.

I hope they work. Some will whine about it being a “cash grab” but if drivers just follow the bloody speed limits they won’t have a problem.

But I hope the province will keep New West in mind in the future.

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