New West’s insane sandwich shop just dropped a breakfast bombshell

Chris Campbell

Big Star Sandwich Co. is known for making lunch a next-level experience with their fresh ingredients, amped-up heat and magical combinations.

Now the New West company has dropped an entire breakfast sandwich menu. I may have fainted when I first saw the Instagram post.

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Let’s just say this is the anti-Egg McMuffin.

Just look at this beauty. Big Star Sandwich Co. photo

Big Star is pushing the new sandwiches hard and they include:

  • Egg and cheddar
  • Egg, ham and cheddar
  • Egg sausage and cheddar
  • Egg, corned beef and swiss
  • Egg, bacon and cheddar
  • Egg, capocollo and habanero jack

Big Star is known for its fresh rustic filone bread and you combined that with bacon and, well, I’m having trouble just writing this sentence.

Big Star is located on Columbia Street.

DISCLAIMER: I have not been paid by this business to write about it. They don't even know I am writing about it. I just love good food.

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