New West dog owners asked to 'doo' that voodoo that they do

Chris Campbell

The City of New Westminster wants to see your crappiest photos.

No, it has nothing to do with being a terrible photographer – it’s about being a responsible dog owner. The city tweeted out that it’s Dog Waste Awareness Month, which apparently is actually a real thing.

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poop again

The city has asked people to post photos “showing how you’re being a responsible dog owner” by picking up after your pooch when you’re both out in the city.

Use the hashtag ‘doodiligence this month and you’ll be entered to win a price.

“Our enforcement officers will also be out all month rewarding people doing their doo diligence,” read the city’s tweet.

And remember, when you bag up your dog poop take it home and dispose of it properly. If possible, reuse the poop bag, too.


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