Hunting for the best sandwich in downtown New West

Chris Campbell

I didn’t come up with the headline for this blog all on my own.

No, I cribbed it from the Downtown New Westminster Business Improvement Association, which has been busy profiling the members in their area.

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At first, all I saw was “sandwich” and I went into a trance for a few minutes. I love a great sandwich and take care to build them carefully. They need to have fresh bread, lots of mayo and be loaded with crunchy vegetables.

Oh, and I prefer mine untoasted, although I respect the opinions of others on this at-times heated subject.

The BIA went hunting for the best sandwich on Columbia Street and came up with the Columbia Street Sandwich Company.

I agree.

I’ve sampled some of their fare and it’s nails. And I am a tough sell on sandwiches.

During COVID-19, sandwich shops, burger joints, pizza outlets are the type of places that have been better-suited to handle takeout that many other places simply because of the portability of their food.

Sandwiches can sit all morning and still be delicious. Other foods are not able to wait. You need to eat them right away or they turn into a mushy mess.

“One question remains: which of their sandwiches is objectively the best?” asked the BIA in their blog post.

That’s a good question.

Columbia Street Sandwich
The BIA went hunting for the best sandwich on Columbia Street and came up with the Columbia Street Sandwich Company. SCREENSHOT

“At the Downtown New Westminster BIA, we like a hearty breakfast and there is no breakfast sandwich heartier than the Deluxe A.C.E. This sandwich is composed of fried egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato and ham or bacon on a bagel or bread, this sandwich means business. It makes for a perfect breakfast while you are on your way to work, out for brunch, or even after an extremely long night of studying. This sandwich will leave you full and happy but is it the best sandwich? No, but it sure is tasty.”

They also extolled the virtues of the BLT and the turkey, bacon and avocado sandwich.

Trying to pick between them is like trying to choose your favourite child.     

“These are our top picks at the BIA. Dare to disagree? Well…you're wrong,” the BIA wrote. “Jokes aside, Columbia St. Sandwich Co. is a fantastic business run by two friendly and efficient women, Melissa and Sam, so next time you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to give their sandwiches a try -they're open Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm for takeout.”

I’ll be stopping in during my next visit to downtown New West.

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