Yarn-bombing project takes a walk in New West

Organizers of a local community project hope they can get their heart back.

As part of Homelessness Action Week, the New Westminster Homelessness Coalition organized a display in Moody Park – a display observed by participants in an Oct. 12 community walk. Part of that display included a yarn-bombing project done by members of the local Knit 1, Take 2 group, who volunteered more than 100 hours to create the project that was designed in a way so it could be broken down into 10 scarves that would be gifted through a local service organization.

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Sadly, it went missing on the weekend.

Organizers hope the scarves, which were connected like a blanket, are now keeping someone warm. However, they’re hoping to track down a handmade heart that was on the project, as it is a re-creation of the Overdose Community Action Team’s logo and was supposed to be used at future events.

Anyone who may see the scarf/blanket or the heart can contact Courtney Pankratz of the Purpose Society at courtney.pankratz@purposesociety.org.

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