Two New West employees make the $200,000 club in 2019

Annual report details council and staff expenses

Nearly 300 civic employees made the City of New Westminster’s sunshine list for 2019.

The City of New Westminster recently released its annual statement of financial information, which includes a number of reports, including one that lists employees earning remuneration and expenses of $75,000 or more. In addition to the $31.2-million tab for the 283 employees who received remuneration of $75,000 or more (up from 268 in 2018), the city also paid $25.9 million in remuneration for other city employees, excluding sworn members of the police department.

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Two city employees topped the $200,000 mark in 2019 – down one from the previous year.

Chief administrative officer Lisa Spitale was once again on top with remuneration of $234,988. Fire Chief Tim Armstrong squeaked across the $200,000 threshold at $200,574.

Eighteen city employees – 14 men and four women – topped the $150,000 mark in 2019.

Jim Lowrie, director of engineering, wasn’t too far out of the $200,000 club, taking home $198,967. Next in line were: Dean Gibson, director of parks and recreation – $189,752; Rod Carle, general manager of the electrical utility – $187,953; Richard Fong, director of human resources – $180,662; Emilie Adin, director of development services –   $177,273; and Colleen Ponzini, former director of finance – $171,727.

Members of the city’s senior management team, fire chiefs and electrical utility employees are generally the top-paid
City of New Westminster employees.

Pierre Gaudrealt, manager of the electrical utility, took home $170,907 in 2019, followed by: Curtis Bremner, assistant deputy fire chief at $164,462; Steve Kellock, senior manager of recreation services and facilities at $161,211; Colin Milaney, a powerline technician at $159,148; and Alvin Chok, chief information officer at $158,339. Next up were deputy fire chief John Hatch at $157,742 and assistant deputy fire chief Rob Dick at $156,884.

The remainder of the city employees who earned over $150,000 last year were: Julie Spurrell, chief librarian – $155,368; Michael Nash, manager of electrical services – $155,276; Craig MacFarlane, city solicitor – $154,510; Jackie Teed, senior manager of development services – $151,290; and  Arne Hannula, manager of electric engineering design and planning – $150,072.

According to the statement of financial information, 170 employees earned between $100,000 and $200,000 in 2019. In addition to those earning $150,000 and up were: 13 employees receiving $140,000 to $149,999; 20 employees earning $130,000 to $139,999; 34 employees taking home $120,000 to $129,999; 49 employees receiving $110,000 to $119,999; and 35 employees getting $100,000 to $109,999.

All totalled, 111 employees had remuneration of $75,000 to $99,999.

Council pay

The tab for New Westminster city council topped $500,000 in 2019.

The annual statement of financial information includes a report outlining the remuneration and expenses for members of city council. In addition to $453,050 in remuneration for the six councillors and the mayor, the 2019 tab included $51,289 for expenses such as attendance at conferences, seminars, training, community events and city-sponsored events.

Mayor Jonathon Cote was tops in remuneration at $133,596, while all six council members received $53,242.

Coun. Jaimie McEvoy led the way on the expense front, claiming $12,722 in expenses in 2019, followed by Coun. Chuck Puchmayr at $10,358. Next up were Coun. Nadine Nakagawa at $6,909, Coun. Mary Trentadue at $5,789, Cote at $5,761 and Coun. Chinu Das at $5,490, with Coun. Patrick Johnstone trailing behind with expenses of $4,259

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