Tourism New West looking for 'greeters' to spread city love

Do you love New Westminster? (Of course you do.)

Do you like sharing that love with others?

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Then Tourism New Westminster has the opportunity for you with its newest project: New Westminster Greeters.

This program offers energetic locals the chance to share their knowledge and excitement for the city with visitors from all around the world. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to create a mutually-enriching opportunity for cultural exchange. And to make this innovative plan possible, Tourism New Westminster has partnered with a worldwide organization called the Global Greeter Network.

The New Westminster Greeters Program aspires to:

  • Support sustainable tourism
  • Bring both cultural and economic enrichment to local communities
  • Create a lasting positive image (for visitors & inhabitants) of the city

“The website has been programmed to automatically match visitor requests with the perfect volunteer greeter,” said a news release. “After that match is made, the volunteer greeter is then able to select which ‘greet; or visitor’s request they would like to accept. Volunteers will be able to accept as many greets as they’d like — whether that be once a week, once a month, or even just once a year.”

What are some of the advantages of a Global Greeter program?

  • Visitors get a local view of the city and its special features.
  • Visitors experience the most authentic interpretation of the city, with the opportunity to explore different neighbourhoods with a local. 
  • The volunteer will get to brush up on knowledge of their city, while also being exposed to different individuals and cultures. 

Interested in getting involved with New Westminster Greeters? Check out the website or sign-up to become a greeter. 

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