This New West overpass is finally opening on Friday

The Sixth Street pedestrian overpass and ramp to Westminster Pier Park will be open on Friday, July 31, according to a notice sent out to area residents.

A copy of the notice, by Jeni Vlahovic, community liaison officer for Bosa Development, was forwarded to the Record.

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“Look for the directional wayfinding signs to get you there,” Vlahovic wrote. “The pedestrian path through our construction site will remain open for the long weekend and will close Tuesday, August 4. We are working with the city on additional improvements and on the playground underneath the overpass. We are hoping this work will be complete towards the end of 2020.”

The Sixth Street overpass means pedestrians and cyclists will be able to access Westminster Pier Park from a 140-metre-long accessible ramp. The overpass and ramp begin on the Front Street parkade and take parkgoers across the railway tracks and into the waterfront park.

Visitors to Westminster Pier Park currently have two ways to get into the park – a staircase and elevator at Fourth Street, and a grade-level pathway through the construction site.

Completion of the Sixth Street overpass is taking a bit longer than the city had originally anticipated.

“Due to shipping delays related to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be elements that are incomplete for the soft opening,” said Jim Lowrie, the city’s director of engineering. “For example, temporary lighting along the ramp and overpass will be in place until the permanent fixtures arrive. In addition, the central and eastern staircases will not be ready for public use.”

Bosa Development is constructing the overpass as part of its development agreement for the Pier West project, which is being built on the site next to Pier Park.

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