Photographer raising money for injured kitten

A humane society took care of the kitten after someone sat on it and broke its hip — now a photographer is offering $20 photoshoots to raise money for the organization.

A Kamloops photographer is offering $20 photoshoots in an effort to raise money for the Kamloops Humane Society, after the organization took financial care of an injured kitten.

Courtney Leah, who volunteers with the society, tells KamloopsMatters furball Charlie was accidentally sat on and required immediate surgery for a broken hip.

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The non-profit immediately stepped in and paid all the costs, which included physiotherapy.

"With the humane society, we covered all of his costs for surgery, medication and aftercare," Leah says. "We are a volunteer organization that relies on donations from the community to keep us going. It was just an exponential number for us and so I thought I am a photographer. This is great. I can use my skills to help out the humane society."

Leah is a lifelong animal lover who grew up with a mother who was heavily involved with the humane society and the SPCA.

She hopes to raise $2,000 with her photoshoots. Her original plan was to pay half the costs but due to the support she's received so far, she will now be able to pay all of it off.

"Every time I pick up my phone, there is a new Facebook message, email, phone call or text from someone who is interested in getting some photos done, whether be it animal or family photos," she says.

Anyone who's interested in setting up a photoshoot can reach out to Leah through her Facebook page.

For those who don't want a photoshoot but want to donate, the humane society is accepting donations by e-transfer (, online ( or; look up Kamloops and District Humane Society), or in person (at Petland, 905 Notre Dame Dr., or at the cat hospital at 1338 Battle St.).

Donations over $10 are tax deductible.

As for Charlie, the physiotherapy is going well. He now has 50 per cent use of his back legs. The hope will be that he can improve that to 80 per cent in the coming months.

— Alvin Mutandiro, KamloopsMatters

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