New West eatery dishes it out again

While the B.C. Liberals may be gaining ground in some of the provincial election polls, the NDP has dominated a local poll from Day 1.

Burger Heaven restaurant is once again holding its bun-official burger poll, which lets diners vote for their chosen candidate.

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"The response has been pretty good," said manager Chris Geib. "A lot of people are having fun with it."

Geib said staff see the odd "silent table" when couples have differing views on which candidate to support.

As of May 5, the Adrian Dix (NDP) Burger held a commanding lead with 41 per cent of voters. Trailing behind were the (B)un-Decided Burger - 24 per cent; the Christy Clark (Liberal) Burger - 17 per cent; the Jane Sterk (Green) Burger - 13 per cent; and the John Cummins (Conservative) Burger - five per cent.

"They pretty much have it locked up in New West," Geib said of the NDP.

Dix, his wife and a small entourage dropped by the restaurant on the weekend to cast votes for the Adrian Dix Burger. He's the only leader who has been by to vote.

"The only one that doesn't surprise me is the NDP," Geib said of the poll results. "The other ones have thrown me for a loop."

Geib noted that the Green party is usually the "bottom dweller" in its burger poll, but that's no longer the case.

"The Liberals I figured would be a little bit higher, the same with the Conservatives," he said.

Any voters wanting to cast a vote for independent candidates can still do so.

"It is our undecided/independent category," Geib said. "It is marked Independent on the board. It says Independent/undecided on our sheet." So, the numbers could be misleading given that the independent candidate is lumped in with the undecided voters.

According to Burger Heaven, the bun-official survey helps determine which way the electorate is "leaning" and the results are often very close to the actual election outcome. Burger Heaven has been holding election polls for 22 years.

Burger Heaven, located at 77 10th St. in New Westminster, is running the poll until May 13.

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