Lewis Dalhby, Libertarian candidate for New Westminster

Question: How long have you lived in New Westminster?

Answer: Actually, I don't live in New Westminster. I live in Port Coquitlam with my wife and one daughter. I've got two daughters. The reason I am running in New Westminster is because we have another candidate in Port Coquitlam and I don't mind roaming around. I have actually run in quite a few different ridings provincially and federally...

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Q: Why do you think you are uniquely qualified to represent the riding?

A: My purpose is not really to run to get elected. My chances of being elected are pretty remote. I have run before so I realize it's not that likely. It is theoretically possible. How am I uniquely qualified? I am trying to promote liberty, and so the concept of representing a riding, it actually kind of doesn't fit with Libertarian philosophy. We are trying to reduce the size of government. Most Libertarians actually believe in zero government, but you could still have government through voluntary consent. That's what I would advocate. I would actually voluntarily consent to a very minimal type of government. But for those people that want the security of government and socialized medicine and education they can have voluntarily consent to that kind of a system... It could be just like a government but the word government implies that you can't opt out, you are forced into it and you have to comply with all the rules. It's kind of like the word rape; you can't voluntarily consent to rape because the word implies that you haven't voluntarily consented. Well, government and taxes are the same way. ... I live in a townhouse complex. That's kind of an example of voluntary consent through a democracy because we can opt out whenever we want and we understand there is an elected council that sets the rules. ... I was born in Canada and I shouldn't have to leave the country to find liberty.

Q: What would be your own personal priority as an MLA?

A: As Libertarians we want to reduce the size of government so if I was just a single Libertarian MLA I would probably vote against pretty much everything the government was trying to do because we are trying to reduce the size of government and lower the overall taxation level. Probably I wouldn't have much of an effect if I was by myself but if we ever got into power we would have a fairly good following just to get to power, so then we would start reducing the size of government. My first priority would be to create a small Libertarian enclave of maybe five per cent of the province, where it would be pure, hardcore Libertarianism for those people. We might not be in power forever, and then it might flip back to a more socialistic type government and then we'd be back to square one.

But if we had a libertarian zone, then we could escape. Why would the socialists even want Libertarians there mucking up their system? There's nothing wrong with socialism if it's through voluntary consent, and you buy into the concept, and you like that, but it works better if everyone buys into the system.

Q: What accomplishment in your life are you proudest of?

A: Actually, I think it's my idea about democracy. Democracy is one of those words that everyone thinks is such a wonderful word. We are kind of brainwashed as children that democracy is this great concept. It took me a long time to come to the realization that democracy isn't so wonderful, and, in fact, it's evil and immoral when it's imposed on you. If it's so wonderful, why are you forced to participate? ...

Q: Who in your life has been a role model for you?

A: Probably Walter Block he is one of the most influential, and he's a well-known Libertarian. ... Milton Friedman ... Ron Paul ... Thomas Jefferson. ... I don't know if role model is the right term - just people I kind of admire and kind of adopt their philosophy.

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