Getting neighbourly in New West apartments

Council in brief

New Westminster is signing on to an initiative that aims to increase the neighbourliness of multi-unit residential buildings.

Council has approved the city becoming a partner in the Hey Neighbour Collective, which aims to increase the social ability and resiliency in multi-unit residential buildings. Council also approved spending $5,000 annually for the next three years on the collective and related initiatives in New Westminster.

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“New Westminster, similar to other municipalities in Metro Vancouver, has low levels of social connectedness and public engagement, particularly amongst apartment dwellers and renters,” said a staff report. “The Hey Neighbour Collective is aimed at increasing social ability and resiliency in multi-unit residential buildings through design improvements and social programming.”

According to a staff report, the city has an opportunity to join the Hey Neighbour Collective, benefit from research it’s conducted to date and potentially get two pilot project sites, with at least one being a purpose-built rental building.

The report noted that Catalyst Community Development Society made a presentation to the city’s community and social issues committee in December 2018 and outlined its model of partnering with municipal governments, community groups and non-profit organizations to help create vibrant, affordable and inspiring places for people to live.

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