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Who has donated to Voice candidates?

Candidates release details on contributions to campaign

While civic election candidates don't need to release their financial details until after the election, Voice New Westminster candidates have already released their financial contributions list.

On Tuesday, Voice New Westminster candidates vying for seats on city council announced they have received $6,732.50 from contributions and fundraisers.

The slate's five school board candidates announced Monday that they had received campaign donations totalling $1,300.

Voice city council candidate Gavin Palmer reported the largest number, a total of $3,235, which includes contributions from family and friends totalling $900, $435 raised through a fundraising event and a silent auction, $400 in in-kind contributions and an additional $1,500 in donations from businesses.

Voice city council candidate John Ashdown reports $700 in miscellaneous donations to his election campaign, a fundraising event that raised $925 and $50 in in-kind donations for a total of $1,675.

Voice city council candidate Susan Wandell reported a total of $1,452.50, which consists of $290 in donations from individuals, $1,137.50 from a fundraising event and $25 in inkind donation for photos. received total donations of $370, which includes $345 of donations and $25 in inkind services for a campaign photo.

On the school board side, the largest contributions went to the two newcomers.

The three incumbents, Lisa Graham, Casey Cook and Jim Goring, are declaring only $70 each - $30 in photography from Paul Fuoco and $40 in artwork by W.Keen Watson.

Newcomers Brenda McEachern-Keen and MaryAnn Mortensen have declared a larger amount - in addition to the $70 in services their cohorts have each declared.

McEachern-Keen also has another $100 in artwork and $400 in individual donations for a grand total of $570.

Mortensen has declared $520 total in financial contributions. On top of the $70 of in-kind services, she also has $450 in donations from individuals.

The press release also notes that Voice New Westminster has not sought or received campaign contributions during this election campaign and "expenses over and above donation will be borne by the candidates themselves."

According to the ministry of community, sport and cultural development, candidates must complete a statement of disclosure regarding the financing of their election campaign and can be disqualified from holding office or being a candidate until after the next local government election if they fail to do so.

Forms must be filed 120 days after the civic election.