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Where to order a picnic platter in New West?

Enjoy the last few days of summer with a picnic outside in the sun. Just pack your mat and hat, and leave the food prep to the professionals — here are five spots in New West where you can order a picnic bundle.
picnic basket
Order a picnic platter and head to a park this weekend.

It’s just a matter of time before the days turn shorter and your sweaters get heavier. The heat wave is gone, and instead, there is a pleasant breeze — perfect for sporting a cool denim jacket. Now is probably the best time to finally head to a quiet park to soak up some sun. And the best part? All you need to do is browse for a spot to spread your mat, since we have curated a list of options for all your snack needs.

Kamini’s Corner Café

Besides a soft bed of grass and a refreshing conversation, a sammie is what makes a picnic perfect. Though the café doesn’t specifically advertise its "picnic platters," they do offer big round platters of cheese, meat, crackers and, of course, sandwiches (ham, Montreal-style smoked beef, chicken and veggie) for an afternoon under the open sky.

You can either pick up a neatly boxed platter from their store, or simply bring your own cooler bags and fill them up with all the nibbles. 

Located at 909 12th St. 

Order online on Kamini’s Corner Cafe website.

Green’s and Beans Deli

Want to have a picture-perfect picnic? One in which you carry a wicker basket complete with glasses, silverware, tablecloth, napkins and scrumptious food that’s enough for four? 

Green’s and Beans can make such picnics happen. As Leona Green, who runs the restaurant and catering service, posted on Facebook, “You pick the food from our menu or I can do a surprise lunch. I lend you a basket and can even tell you where to go.” In the past, the basket has included an assortment of sandwiches, cheese, crackers, fruit, veggies, drinks, salads, peanut butter squares and more. 

Located at 143 E Columbia St.

Order online at Green’s and Beans Deli website. Currently accepting only limited orders.


Columbia Street Sandwich Company

Add "picnic by the pier" to your weekend to-do list. Biting into a toastie with the view of the majestic Fraser River might just be what you need to let the week’s stress flow away. Pier Park is just a four-minute walk from the Sandwich Company — which means you can grab the made-to-order sandwiches, homemade soups, sides of fruit bowls and mini salads, and drinks from the eatery, and stroll down to the park.

If you plan to picnic with a large group of friends, you can opt for a corporate order — that’s a minimum of eight bags, which include a sandwich, drink, side and dessert, for $15 each. 

Located at 550 Columbia St.

Order online on Columbia Street Sandwich Company website

Trove Desserts

If you are planning a picnic to celebrate an occasion, don’t settle for savoury; order a whole box of sweets instead. Trove Desserts offers four different-sized boxes — mini, small, regular and large — filled with baked goods that are handmade from scratch at their commercial kitchen in New West.

Turns out, no two boxes are exactly the same; though, each would contain an assorted mix of treats such as chocolate chunk cookies, brownies and key lime Nanaimo bars (the specific flavour is only available till the end of summer), among others. 

Located at 800 20th St.

Orders for pickup and delivery can be placed at


Feel like having a fresh bruschetta amidst burbling streams and waving trees? The Italian restaurant Artusi offers a platter for two that comes in neat brown boxes that you can haul to your picnic spot.

Each platter includes a salad, a mix of appetizers from the restaurant’s menu (think homemade beef and pork meatballs, homemade porchetta and more) and pasta. According to a review posted on Facebook, the quantity is buono for two. 

Located at 412 Sixth St.

To order and for details, check out Artusi website.