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Where to buy the popular Indian street food samosa in New West?

Evenings getting a little nippy? Embrace the change in weather with a cup of strong chai, and a plate of hot crispy samosas from any of these five New West businesses.
Spend a cool evening biting into a hot samosa in New West.

Be it as a mid-day snack or a dinner-time appetizer, the humble Indian pastry — samosa — never fails to deliver. The snack has stood the test of time since at least the 11th century — the first mention of these savoury bites dates back to then, as per a report on BBC

This means that when you are munching on a samosa while binging the latest episode of House of the Dragon, you are, in fact, having the same snack that was served in the courts of Afghanistan’s Ghaznavid Empire a thousand years ago.

These triangle-shaped treats have a flaky crust and a soft filling of mashed potatoes, peas, meat and spices. Usually deep fried in oil, a freshly-made one crackles in your mouth and, most often, makes you want to go for another.

So, where in New West, can you order one today?

Indian Courtyard Restaurant

Set in New West's 12th St., the restaurant, as per the menu, flaunts 120 chef’s dishes. Among them is the modest samosa. Order a plate of three for less than $5, and wash them down with a glass of cold mango lassi. The stuffing is made with vegetable and peas; and the crust is flavoured with spices such as turmeric, dried green mango powder and carom seeds. 

If you aren’t that particular about what shape your samosas come in, you can always order them mashed in a plate of chickpea curry topped with yogurt and chutney. 

Located at 609 12th St.

Kalash Indian Kitchen

Their samosas are among the most popular dishes they offer, as per their website. Made with a stuffing of vegetables, peas and chickpeas, the samosas, as mentioned on the menu, are “handmade street style.”

The chefs who make them are Vijay Semwal who brings along 27 years of experience making Indian curries; and Jagdish Semwal, who has 28 years of experience making tandoori dishes (referring to dishes made in a clay oven). 

The samosas that are made with their experienced hands are also part of 'samosa chaat' — a dish where samosas are topped with chickpea curry, yogurt, mint and tamarind sauces. If you are wondering which sauce to add a dollop more of, the menu even comes with a pro tip: "Add extra tamarind sauce for a sweet experience.” 

Located at 1102 Ewen Ave. 

Arvind’s Curry and Cocktails

Besides a grand buffet and a fully-licensed bar, the restaurant also offers samosas of two different kinds. Other than the more common vegetarian samosas, Arvind’s Curry and Cocktails also makes them stuffed with minced chicken and Indian spices. Each samosa has a crispy wrap that's made with wheat flour. 

Here, you can start your happy hour by ordering a plate of two hot samosas for under $5 to go along with a glass of mango martini, and maybe find out for yourself: which of the two makes you more happy.

Located at 420 Sixth St.

Royal Tandoori Indian restaurant

A sudden craving for samosas while walking along the boardwalk on a chilly evening is quite justified. But what do you do then? There is, in fact, a restaurant at a short walking distance from Westminster Pier Park from where you can grab a box of samosas and return to your stroll by the Fraser River in no time.

At Royal Tandoori Indian Restaurant, the samosas are made by chef Jasminder Singh who hails from Punjab. Two pieces cost less than $5.

While the option of having greasy nuggets to munch on on a leisurely evening walk is good, you can always elevate the experience with a hot cup of chai from the same restaurant.

Located at 83 Sixth St.


Paula Sidhu, a resident of New West, sells frozen samosas based on the orders she gets via Facebook. She makes them at a rented commissary kitchen space in the city. “The samosas are deep fried for a few minutes, then cooled down and frozen," she said. 

All you have to do is bake them at 385 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes at home. 

Her samosas come with three different fillings: vegetarian, chicken and beef. But the unique part is, she makes them in two different sizes — traditional and cocktail. “Cocktail,” she explained, “is appetizer size, two-bite samosa.” 

The traditional samosas are priced $1.40 (vegetarian) and $1.60 (chicken and beef); and cocktail samosas are priced at $1.36 (vegetarian), and $1.56 (non-vegetarian options).

Place your order via Facebook or call text/call at 778-893-7154. Pick up is at 2311 Dublin Street.