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We must uphold children's rights in Canada: New West—Burnaby MP

The first debate for Peter Julian's Bill C-273 starts at the end of November. Here's what you need to know.
New Westminster-Burnaby MP Peter Julian.

Last Monday, Nov. 13, Canada celebrated National Child Day.

As we celebrate and uphold the rights of children, it is appalling that physical punishment of children is still legal in Canada, even though more than 60 countries around the world have banned the practice. 

This is why I tabled Bill C-273 — An Act to amend the Criminal Code (Corinne’s Quest and the protection of children)

This bill seeks to repeal section 43 of the Criminal Code, which allows for physical punishment of children. If it passes in Parliament, Bill C-273 will help to end the legalized physical punishment of children in Canada. 

I am writing to strongly urge you and all MPs from all parties to support this legislation which is coming up for first hour of debate at the end of November.

As Ruth Weller, Executive Director of Spirit of the Children Society, said eloquently, "Bill C-273 holds great importance in the development and well-being of all children. Children need to be permitted to live in an environment free from violence and fear. At Spirit of the Children Society, it is our goal to empower and strengthen Indigenous families by providing support and resources through a model of love, caring, and understanding. This is accomplished by teaching the parents, and children, that hurting a person to get their way is not the appropriate way of child rearing; mindfulness, communicating, and role modeling is the ideal way to raise a child. Through this model a child will develop into an individual who is able to learn from their own successes and mistakes and not be fearful of challenge."

Supporting Bill C-273 means that we support the ban of physical punishment on children and youth.

Please support Bill C-273 by signing my petition.