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Here is how hot it is going to feel in Metro Vancouver over the weekend

It's getting hot in here.
The Environment Canada Metro Vancouver weather forecast includes plenty of toasty temperatures at the end of May 2023.

The Metro Vancouver weather forecast includes plenty of toasty temperatures and bright sunshine over the weekend. 

Starting on Friday, May 26, Environment Canada calls for bright sunshine and a high of 22 C on the coast and 27 C inland but these temperatures will feel more like 25 C and 30 C with humidity. 

Temperatures are expected to drop down to 13 C overnight and a mix of sun and cloud is expected Saturday morning. As the day continues, however, the skies are expected to clear, with temperatures climbing up to 20 C on the coast and 23 C inland. With humidity, inland temperatures will feel more like 25 C. 

Sunday is expected to see similar temperatures, with bright sunshine and a high of 20 C expected during the day. 

Heading into next week, Monday is also expected to be clear and sunny, with a high of 19 C and falling to 11 C overnight. Tuesday is expected to warm up a couple of degrees, with a high of 21 C and a mix of sun and cloud. 

These temperatures are expected to continue through Wednesday and Thursday. 

Metro Vancouver weather forecast 

Photo via Environment Canada