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The butter chicken challenge that is 'too hot to handle'

The Brutal Butter Chicken (BBC) challenge will feature a dash of the 3 Million Scoville pure pepper extract in its signature butter chicken sauce to determine who can tolerate the heat.
Fresh, authentic butterica sauce preparation.

Do you like it hot?

If you do, Butterica's Brutal Butter Chicken Challenge might be of interest to you. 

When Manish Petwal opened his first restaurant, Kalash, last year, their signature butter chicken dish became an instant bestseller — making up 40 per cent of sales. 

The mild-tasting, rich gravy was a fan favourite for its balanced flavours, but for some, the heat was not enough. 

To spice things up, Petwal organized a "butter chicken challenge" in 2021, adding a dash of hot sauce to Butterica's dishes to see who could handle the spice. 

"It was fun, exciting," Petwal says of the competition. "Around 25 people signed up."

After a year, in honour of the iconic Butterica restaurant at River Market (810 Quayside Dr.), the challenge is back with a spicier twist, he said. 

The Brutal Butter Chicken (BBC) challenge will feature a dash of 3 Million Scoville pure pepper extract in its signature butter chicken sauce. The pure pepper extract measures three million Scoville heat units (SHU),  compared to the average daily “spicy” habanero, which ranges from 100,000 to 350,000 SHU.

The Scoville scale is a tool to measure the spice quotient — the amount of capsaicin, the chemical compound that causes spicy heat in hot peppers.

It is sure to “burn your mouth and insides,” Petwal said.

For those daring souls who want to challenge themselves to this spice challenge, the contest will happen on Saturday, Nov. 26. 

Participants can register for a fee of $1.95, and challenge themselves and others to see who can tolerate the heat from the spiciest butter chicken. 

The rules are straightforward — register for the contest, pick up your bowl of Butterica sauce for the challenge at the Rivers Market from noon to 2 p.m., head out to your favourite spot or home and go live on social media as you savour the food. 

The Facebook/ Instagram stream will be posted to the Facebook group, Eat New West, whose members will vote for a new champion. 

The winner will take home $500. 

While participants can have a glass of milk or drinks at their side, the contest prohibits sides like rice or naan or flatbread. 

Participants are asked to sign a waiver, and Petwal advises anyone with pre-existing medical conditions to consult a doctor before the contest. Only participants over 18 are allowed to enter the competition. 

On request, dishes can be altered with a paneer alternative in the sauce for the vegetarians interested in the challenge.

For registration and rules, visit the Brutal Butter Chicken Challenge website. 


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