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Photovoice exhibit in New West explores: What housing means

Around Town: New Westminster Public Library exhibit showcases housing precarity
What Housing Means to Me showcases housing precarity in New West. The exhibit is at the library until the end of September.

An exhibit taking place at the New Westminster Public Library is showcasing housing precarity in the city.

What Housing Means to Me, a photovoice exhibit, is continuing on the upper floor of the main branch of the New Westminster Public Library until the end of September.

“The exhibit includes photographs and recorded stories of a number of women experiencing housing precarity and/or homelessness,” said a notice about the exhibit. “The project was originally facilitated by artist-mentor photographer Mihailo Subotic, with funding realized by the Community Poverty Reduction Committee and Douglas College.”

Lisa, Jane and Debbie are among the women sharing their stories about housing precarity in the exhibit.

“The goals of this project are to use photography and storytelling to highlight the importance of home, belonging, and community while also facilitating dialogues around affordable housing, and the misconceptions and stereotypes about those living in poverty and experiencing homelessness,” said the notice from the library. “The resulting exhibit, features photographs taken by four different women with lived experience. This particular exhibit builds on previous displays of the works by including recorded conversations with each of the women.”

It’s hoped that the exhibit will create greater community awareness and support regarding the need for more affordable housing, as well as the value of including those who are facing housing challenges in future discussions about housing development in the city.

According to the notice, the exhibit has been made possible through a partnership between the New Westminster Public Library and the Changing the Conversation Project at Douglas College.

“The impetus for the show came out of the relationship-building work community librarians have undertaken with vulnerable and marginalized members of our community,” said the notice. “The exhibit will highlight the photos and digital stories of each of four women who were involved in the original project.”

In addition to hearing the women’s stories at the library, you can listen to the recordings at