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Photos: New West students head back to school

Fall is in the air — vivid blue September skies, leaves crackling underfoot and the sounds of kids happily greeting each other on their first day back to school after summer.

As fall swiftly approaches, school buses begin to barrel down the streets, orange leaves fall and crunch underfoot and school playgrounds begin to ring with the sounds of children playing.

The Record visited F. W. Howay Community School on Wednesday to capture the sights of New West students' first full school day this September, as parents brought their kids back to school after a season of summer fun.

One young boy, headed into Grade 4, left his mom's car with a leap and ran down the sidewalk to meet a friend, crying out in a happy yell: "School!"

F. W. Howay school principal Sarah Phelan was on hand to greet students as they came with backpacks, lunch bags and pencil cases.