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No recount in Queensborough

There won’t be a judicial recount in Richmond-Queensborough. The B.C.
singh johal
The B.C. NDP have made formal requests for recounts in three Lower Mainland ridings, including Richmond-Queensborough. Liberal candidate Jas Johal, right, won the riding by 263 votes, defeating NDP candidate Aman Singh, left.

There won’t be a judicial recount in Richmond-Queensborough.

The B.C. NDP has decided not to pursue a judicial recount with the Supreme Court of British Columbia, as is permitted by candidates and voters who think ballots were not counted correctly, or if a ballot account does not accurately record the votes cast for a candidate, according to Elections B.C.

Monday was the deadline to file for a recount with the courts, but the party decided not to go forward with it.

“While there are some outstanding issues we intend to address with Elections B.C. to improve the process going forward, our focus right now is on delivering a new government that works to make life better for British Columbians,” said Glen Sanford, deputy director of the B.C. NDP.

These issues include allegations that some Queensborough residents who voted in mainland New Westminster weren’t given blank absentee ballots, as required, and were instead given ballots meant for residents of the New Westminster electoral district that had the names of candidates running in New West.

“There were a couple of voter irregularities that we identified quite clearly. One being people were given actual ballots in New Westminster when they were supposed to vote in Queensborough, instead of being given absentee write-in ballots,” Coun. Chuck Puchmayr, who was part of NDP candidate Aman Singh’s campaign team, told the Record last week.

B.C. Liberal candidate Jas Johal won the riding, beating Singh by 134 votes, according to Election B.C.’s final election results.