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New West playground removed and poised for redevelopment

Adventure time may be on hold for folks who frequent a Brow of the Hill park.
Riverside Adventure Park
The City of New Westminster has removed the playground equipment from Riverside Adventure Park. The city expects to engage with community members about the space later this year, with construction anticipated to start in early 2021.

Adventure time may be on hold for folks who frequent a Brow of the Hill park.

The removal of playground equipment – including a climbing and sliding structure and swings – at Riverside Adventure Park came as a shock to some families who live near the small park. The city removed the playground features last week.

“This playground was planned for removal and redevelopment in 2021, however, the playground reached end-of-life sooner than expected,” said Erika Mashig, the city’s manager of parks and open space planning, design and construction, in an email to the Record. “The parks and recreation department will be posting signage on the site, as well as the city’s website, to notify residents of the city’s plan for redevelopment of the playground with an engagement process in November/December 2020, and targeting construction in early 2021.”

The City of New Westminster cleared the land for the 1.71-acre park at Sharpe Street and Stewardson Way in 1971 and built the playground in 1972, states the city’s website.

“Riverside Adventure Park was so named because of its views over the Fraser River, as well as the ‘adventure’ playground constructed in its initial development,” said a description of the park on the city’s website. “This type of playground was a new concept in the 1970s. It incorporated a broad range of play activities, including slides, climbing equipment, tunnels and bridges created from wood, recycled tires and other imaginative materials.”

According to the city’s website, a major upgrade of the playground was completed in 1995.