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Local 'pig' gets the Royal City treatment

Decorative pig gets suited up for this year's festival

A fixture in the Victory Heights neighbourhood is dressed up for May Day - with a little help from his friends.

Neda Murray reports that her daughter's decorative pig Harvey is once again dolled up for May Day, although he's sporting a different look than in the past.

In previous years, owner Heather Winnichuk has dressed up her cement pig as a May Queen.

"He is a Royal Engineer. He has the anvil in front of him," Murray said of this year's outfit. "He is seasonal. He gets dressed for every occasion. You know what May means in New Westminster."

Winnichuk said neighbours Bill and Lynn Radbourne get the credit for this year's outfit.

"They put this together, and they created this amazing anvil," Winnichuk said. "He's not an easy pig to fit. It's awesome. He's pretty cute, I have to say."

May Day is one of the premier events during the annual Hyack Festival in New Westminster.

The Radbournes are big supporters of the Hyack Festival Association, with Bill being its current president and Lynn serving as coordinator of its ambassador program.

Winnichuk said it "takes the pressure off me" when other people offer to dress Harvey for various occasions.

This was the fourth time someone has offered to dress the pig, which has become a bit of a neighbourhood attraction.

"It's a parade," Murray said. "Everybody and his dog stops to look."

Winnichuk has actually met people who, upon learning she lives in Victory Heights, have asked if she lives near "the pig house" in the neighbourhood.

Winnichuk has been outfitting Harvey in various costumes since her husband bought her the pig as a gift a number of years ago.

"It puts a smile on so many people's faces," Murray said. "She thinks it is well worth it."

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