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Letter: Our province is 'upside down,' New West resident claims

Unnecessary carbon taxes, drug decriminalization and "empty promises" are hurting B.C. residents, this letter writer states.
New Westminster downtown highrises
New Westminster skyline.

The Editor:

Thanks to the B.C. NDP and some of their allies, they have managed to turn much of this province upside down with their decriminalization of hard drugs, their dogged determination to force us to pay ridiculous and unnecessary carbon taxes, and with the third credit rating downgrade in three years.

Why they can't see the light at the end of the tunnel in regard to the decriminalization of hard drugs, even after several warnings from the police about the so-called safe drug supply being diverted for sale to dealers is absolutely mind boggling?

Their wild deficit spending sprees are hurting average, hard working British Columbians, who will be forced to pay it all back at undoubtedly high interest rates.

And NDP's the empty promises to build a new Massey Tunnel, which were made time and again, but never materialized, are not only hurting commuters who wait in agonizing long line ups day after day, just to get to work to put food on their tables, it is also extremely hard on the environment, which soaks up all that CO2 day after day.

Thank you.

- Gary Tupper, New Westminster