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Letter: New West curb extensions should put safety, practicality first

Some curb extensions across New Westminster have become a "real pain," this letter writer claims.
New West installed a rain garden curb extension at 8th Avenue, but some residents claim it's causing traffic concerns.

The Editor:

Re: Is a rain garden on 8th Avenue in New West a hazard for motorists? (April 9, 2024)

I find it incredible that these ideas [rain gardens] have suddenly gotten attention like it has.

I fully agree that the corner at 8th Avenue and 5th Street is now real pain to turn off 8th on to 5th. You virtually have to stay in the middle of 8th to somewhat safely turn onto 5th.

You would think the city would be aware of the problem as they have installed temporary curb extenders at 10th Street and Queens Avenue for over a year now with all the same issues (horns honking, people yelling, and, yes, anything over the smallest car width are in danger) and, even worse, the garbage trucks, dump trucks, etc., cannot make the corners without running over the temporary posts.

Another concern is the kids who get out of school and very often need supervision on how to cross the street, which, from my vantage point, gets a little worrisome.

And the ones at 3rd Avenue and 12th Street slow everything down as people behind a car turning left at the school have no choice but to wait it out.

- Ted Hutton, New Westminster