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Letter: Declare transit an essential service, New West resident says

A letter writer is calling on the B.C. government to think of the hundreds of thousands of Metro Vancouver commuters currently impacted by the strike.
There are 10 bus bays at New Westminster SkyTrain Station.

The Editor:

It's high time our provincial government laid down the law to striking transit workers.

For many years now, the majority of people in Metro Vancouver have been coerced into using transit instead of their vehicles to get around the Lower Mainland, and many of them have given up their automobiles, and find themselves at the mercy of striking transit workers of one kind or another, over and over again.

Our Labour friendly NDP government has always had the power to declare transit as an essential service with the stroke of a pen, thereby making it illegal for transit workers to go on strike.

But they refuse to do so, for fear of losing their support of the labour votes come election time.

I call on Premier David Eby and the provincial NDP MLAs to choose what is more important to them. 

Is it their allies in the labour movement, or is it the thousands upon thousands of ordinary people just trying to get to work to feed their families and put a roof over their heads?

- Gary Tupper, New Westminster