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Letter: Canadians have to right to know about election interference

This letter writer believes "the whole truth" about election meddling, and those involved, should be as transparent and possible.
Most British Columbians want a federal inquiry into foreign election interference, according to polling by Research Co. and Glacier Media

The Editor:

The revelation of foreign interference in Canadian federal elections is bad enough.

But the fact that not one Member of Parliament has been publicly named, not one foreign agent has been name or arrested, and that the Justin Trudeau Liberals refuse to tell Canadians the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about how long this has been going on, and just exactly which candidates benefited from these illegal acts is as disgraceful as it is deceptive.

Those who interfere in our elections should be locked up in prison for a very long time, along with any Member of Parliament who engaged in these crimes.

Canadians have a right to know everything about these crimes, and to be reassured this will never happen again!

- Gary Tupper, New Westminster