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Letter: B.C. United and B.C. Conservatives — 'it's all about the math'

This letter writer believes both parties should merge together.
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The B.C. Legislature. | File photo

The Editor: 

I fail to see the logic of B.C. United leader, Kevin Falcon, and his refusal to merge with the B.C. Conservatives because he doesn't approve of the ideology, and/or policies of some party members.

I'm pretty sure Mr. Rustad doesn't approve much of the B.C. United Party's policies and/or ideologies, in fact it's almost certainly why he is no longer a member of B.C. United Party (formerly known as the B.C. Liberal Party).

But this is not about who does or doesn't like whom.

It's all about the math, and if the B.C. United Party and the B.C. Conservative Party cannot find a way to hold their noses, and merge with one another, they will be subjecting the people of British Columbia to four more years of NDP rule.

And by the way, no one in this province with any interest in politics is impressed or fooled by the re-naming of the B.C. Liberal Party to the B.C. United Party, as mainly made up of old B.C. Liberal members.

- Gary Tupper, New Westminster