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How to keep your cats safe and stress-free on Halloween night

If you have a feline in the house, check out this handy list of tips from VOKRA.
Got a cat in the house? VOKRA is offering up some tips to help keep them safe and stress-free this Halloween night.

It's Halloween — and that means the evening hours will bring plenty of chaos, what with ringing doorbells, excited trick-or-treaters and, of course, the inevitable sounds of fireworks outside.

While it can all be plenty of fun for people, it may be considerably less fun for pets.

VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association) has issued a Halloween safety reminder for cat owners, noting that the combination of trick-or-treaters and fireworks can scare cats and cause them to act erratically — which means that even indoor cats may try to escape.

To help stave off stress for cats and their owners, VOKRA has compiled this list of tips for tonight's festivities:

Tips to keep cats safe on Halloween night

  1. Create a safe space: Give cats a safe and secure spot where they can hide. Using a covered cat bed, or even an old cardboard box in a pinch, can help your cat feel calmer. 

  2. Keep calm: Cats pick up on your emotions. Act normally and your cat will know they’re safe.

  3. Don’t leave them home alone: You cat will benefit from knowing someone is home with them when they are stressed and scared. If you are not able to be home, consider getting a pet sitter your kitty knows and is comfortable with so they aren’t alone.

  4. Don’t restrict access: Keeping your cat confined to one room will only stress out your cat even more when they are used to having access to your entire home. Letting them access your home will give them a chance to find the space they feel safest. 

  5. Don’t treat them differently: Trying to pick up or cuddle your cat might make them more fearful. Give them space and let them come to you when they are ready. They will let you know when they want attention and if they need to be comforted.

  6. Background noise: Play music or leave the TV on for background noise to cover the sounds from outside the home. This can help to reduce the impact of sudden sounds that come with firework displays. Classical music can be very calming for cats.

  7. Close the drapes: Flashes of light can be just as disturbing to cats as loud noises. Keeping your drapes closed will minimize the amount of stimulation your cat receives and will help them feel safer. 

  8. Check escape routes: Double check your windows and doors, since a stressed-out-feline may go into flight mode and squeeze through a gap that you wouldn’t think that they could fit through. Make sure everywhere is secure so if your cat does go into hiding, you know they’re still in the house.

Source: VOKRA

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