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Here's who will be representing New West at the 2024 BC Summer Games

The games are set for July 17 to 21 in Maple Ridge.
The BC Summer Games will take place in Maple Ridge from July 17 to 21.

Nearly 40 athletes, coaches and officials from New West will be part of the more than 3,100 participating in the 2024 BC Summer Games later this month. 

The 33rd version of the biannual games will be held in Maple Ridge from July 17 to 21 and will feature 22 different sports (see list below). 

During the past 46 years, more than 380,000 participants and volunteers have taken part in the BC winter and summer games. 

“We are excited that participants from every corner of the province will have a chance to come together and experience the BC Summer Games,” BC Games Society President and CEO Alison Noble said in a news release. 

“Volunteers have been hard at work with planning for more than a year as Maple Ridge gets set to put on a unique celebration of sport during their 150th anniversary.”

The 22 sports athletes will compete in are: 

  • 3x3 Basketball
  • Artistic Swimming
  • Athletics 
  • Athletics - Special Olympics
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Box Lacrosse
  • Canoe/Kayak
  • Equestrian
  • Equestrian - Para
  • Field Lacrosse
  • Golf
  • Rowing
  • Rugby
  • Sailing
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Swimming - Para
  • Swimming - Special Olympics
  • Towed Water Sport
  • Triathlon
  • Ultimate
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling

The 37 athletes, coaches and officials, as of today, July 8, that will be representing New West are as follows: 

3x3 Basketball

  • Winston Brown (coach)
  • Roenik Kaila


  • Parker Diaz
  • Carly Lane
  • Finn Moreland
  • Olivia Robinson
  • Natalie Sze


  • Yohta Suzuki


  • Stephanie von Riedemann (coach)

Beach Volleyball

  • Bianca Lima

Box Lacrosse

  • Harrison Diaz
  • Joseph Rubino
  • Eli Smith
  • Daunte Twamley (coach)
  • Linkin Twamley


  • Yael Wagner Strasser

Field Lacrosse

  • Jett Abel
  • Brodie Anderson
  • Gavin Domass


  • Amy Murray


  • Gene Gallant (coach)
  • Keith Lange (official)
  • Lucia Monti
  • Nathan Sall


  • Brad Johnson (official)


  • Miranda McNamara (official)
  • Hayato Tokuhara


  • Ryan Chang (coach)
  • Sarah Merx (coach)


  • Chelsey Gerdis
  • Dylan Jones
  • Brienne Lu
  • Elijah Needham (coach)


  • Illia Anoshyn
  • Christine Dela Cruz (official)
  • Saheel Khan (coach)
  • Ethan Ochoco