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Map: 112 parks where you can legally drink in Metro Vancouver

A number of regional communities have adjusted or created new bylaws to allowed responsible and legal consumption of alcohol in certain public spaces.
Drinking in parks
Responsible consumption of alcohol in public parks have become a popular bylaw or pilot project with most Metro Vancouver communities since early 2021.

Responsible alcohol consumption in public parks have become a new popular bylaw across Metro Vancouver municipalities.

It allows legal-aged adults to have a beer or a glass of wine in specific spaces within a time frame.

Most bylaws were originally adopted in response to the then state of the COVID-19 pandemic as B.C. public health officials were loosening restrictions on outdoor gatherings that, at the time, allowed up to 10 people to come together outside.

A map of those parks can be seen below.

Several communities have followed in the foot steps of Port Coquitlam and North Vancouver since March of last year in introducing such a bylaw, including Coquitlam, Delta, Port Moody and Vancouver.

All include signage for patrons outlining the rules for legal alcohol consumption.

In the case of Port Coquitlam, almost nine out of 10 people who filled out a survey supported the program's pilot in early 2021, with responses that indicated the initiative helped to make people feel part of their community and less isolated.

"It was a very positive thing, never did I experience any sort of rowdy behaviour or hooliganism," said PoCo Mayor Brad West.

"Who it was taking advantage was largely families, which is what I would have expected."

Burnaby and Richmond have yet to introduce a pilot program or a bylaw surrounding responsible alcohol consumption in public spaces.

Park users in both communities are not permitted to drink alcohol; in Burnaby, "alcohol can only be consumed in pre-approved, designated beer gardens."

As of this publication (Aug. 5), there are 112 parks in Metro Vancouver where residents and visitors can crack a cold one.