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Fraser River Discovery Centre putting migratory birds in the spotlight at Super Saturday

What's happening at Discovery Centre in New West?
Fraser River Discovery Centre exterior
Fraser River Discovery Centre is going to the birds for May's Super Saturdays.

Families are invite to celebrate the return of migratory birds to the Fraser River Basin at this weekend’s Super Saturday event.

Fraser River Discovery Centre is focusing on migratory birds at its Super Saturday event. It’s on Saturday, May 28 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“From gulls to sandpipers, eagles to plovers, many species of birds rely on the Fraser watershed as a source of food and shelter,” said Stephen Bruyneel, the centre’s director of external relations and development. “Together they form a key part of the amazing biodiversity that exists along the mighty Fraser River.” 

At this month’s Super Saturday, FRDC staff will be on hand to help guests discover more about these birds and how they all survive. Folks will learn the names of some of the bird species in the estuary, the distances many of them have to fly each year, how they are uniquely adapted for life along the Pacific Coast and how different birds prefer different types of food along the shoreline. 

“While everyone is welcome, this workshop is aimed at families with children six to 11 years of age,” Bruyneel said in a news release. “And it will also be safe, as all activities are consistent with our updated COVID health and safety plan.”

The centre’s COVID protocols require pre-registration. Go to

Held on the last Saturday of every month, Super Saturdays is a series of public programs geared toward family-friendly activities, all focused on a different Fraser River topic. Pre-registration for Super Saturdays includes paid admission to Discovery Centre.

Located at 788 Quayside Dr., Fraser River Discovery Centre offers a variety of programs and exhibits related to different aspects of the Fraser River.