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Five unique vacation rentals in New West to chill at this holiday season

Want a change of scenery this holiday season or need space for visitors? Check out these cool temporary homes in New West.
New West has multiple vacation rentals, including one that's a houseboat.

This holiday season, gear up for a big family gathering without worrying about your house getting too crowded. New Westminster is punctuated with tons of vacation rentals that your relatives can stay while being able to take part in elaborate meals and gift exchanges. 

Alternatively, while your work goes into stasis as the year comes to an end, show yourself some TLC by booking a few nights in a houseboat or in a condo with a view of the Mighty Fraser. Here are some unique stays that you can book with a few clicks right now. 

Sleep in a houseboat

What would it be like to go to sleep on a boat? And to have your morning coffee while watching swans glide and birds fly over the Fraser River? You can experience all that and more at the 'Marina'. As per the VRBO listing, it's the only houseboat on the river that allows for short-term rental. While a stay at the boat is sure to get some Instagram-worthy photos, the big question, obviously, is: how comfortable is it?

The houseboat — located across from "one of the last sawmills left in B.C." — consists of two bedrooms, a master stateroom, one bathroom, and a television with access to Netflix. Though we doubt if anyone staying there would spend their time browsing the television when they can soak in the hot tub (also on the boat) while looking at the starlit sky.  

Details: Click on the Houseboat’s VRBO listing

Stay in a century-old house

If you are new to New West and love architecture, put this down on your to-do list: a walking tour of heritage houses in Queen’s Park. Home to some of the oldest houses in the city, a casual evening stroll through the park will expose you to houses built in diverse architectural styles of the past — like the super-symmetrical colonial revival style, the horizontal Prairie-style with flat hipped roof, or the Spanish Eclectic style with flat roof and arched doors and windows (via Tourism New West). 

But those who want something more than just looking at these buildings from a distance, would be thrilled to know that you can, in fact, stay in one such home — like the 100-year-old "heritage house" that's listed on VRBO. But don’t imagine a cold and dingy manor with creaking floors and cobwebbed attics — as per the listing, the house has been revamped and modernized for a comfortable stay. 

Details: Click on the VRBO listing 

Live right above the New West SkyTrain station

This is for those who like to be always on the move. The one-bedroom condo is right above the New Westminster SkyTrain station, which means no more frenzied walk to catch the train. With the push of an elevator button, you will find yourself at the station ready to step into a train. Besides the convenience of being near transit, the condo, as per the AirBnb listing, gives a generous view of the city’s skyline against the backdrop of a row of mountains.

The condo includes two beds, a gaming set-up and a music space. So when back after roaming the city, guests can entertain themselves with a game on XBOX 360, or play the electric piano or acoustic guitar. All that plus an office space complete with a printer, a fully-equipped kitchen and a gym space (common to the building) makes it seem like a no-frills work vacay spot right in the hub of the city. 

Details: Click on the Airbnb listing

Wake up to the view of Pattullo Bridge

If your favourite pastime is watching the Mighty Fraser River flow under the iconic Pattullo Bridge — here’s a condo that will allow you an unobstructed view of it through the day.

At this two-bed, two-bath luxury rental, you can spend the day soaking in the view of New West's landmark bridge that has inspired paintings and verses. While there, ponder what would the city look like in 2024 without this orange and silver structure, or simply walk to the Westminster Pier Park with the same thoughts.

While the apartment has within it all that one needs for a family of five, if you plan to venture out, the Columbia SkyTrain station is just a stone’s throw away. 

Details: Click on the VRBO listing

Get a 270-degree view of the city

Like the idea of having massive windows for walls? This bright three-bed, three-bath apartment is surrounded by a view that includes towering buildings on one side and the serene Fraser River on the other. The massive roof-to-floor windows run across the length of the house, be it the kitchen, the bedroom, or the bathroom. Yep, you can spend sun-splashed mornings soaking in a tub that’s right by a window sill, and get a 270-degree view of the city right from your couch. 

It might be the location or the view, but for one night’s stay at this luxe apartment, you’ll have to cough up close to $400. So, book it if the answer to the question 'how important is a scenic view for you while on vacation?' is a hard yes. 

Details: Click on the Airbnb listing


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