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Five for Friday: Five spots to grab a milkshake in New West

On a hot muggy day, stop for a cold milkshake from these five New Westminster eateries this summer.
New Westminster has a number of eateries to order a milkshake from this summer.

Summer is here — while it’s time to finally try on those cotton shorts you bought at last year’s sale, it’s also time to map the hot spots in New West for cold shakes. For, there is only one thing better than running the AC on full blast on a sultry day: sipping a thick frothy chilled milkshake. 

While the blistering sun can get you all clammy, you don’t have to break any extra sweat to find a joint that sells the cold beverage, because we have here a list that you can use to kick-start your milkshake trail.

Burger Heaven

Burger Heaven seems to be strategically located five minutes away from the Sky Train station for those who want to take a shake break after their train transit. The good old burger joint is summer ready with a wide variety of milkshakes including vanilla, mint chocolate, peanut butter, chocolate, Nutella, strawberry, peppermint, and their most popular flavours — apple pie and red velvet. 

Those who are adventurous about their glass of blended ice cream can boldly ask for a shot of Baileys in it. Nothing shouts summer than washing down an Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! (we didn’t make it up, it’s a menu option) burger with a boozy vanilla milkshake. Spike it with coffee-flavored kahlua, or hazelnut-tasting Frangelico, or orange liqueur Grand Marnier, until you arrive at a taste that makes you forget about the sun.

Located at 77 10th St.

Take the Cake

While we would never say never to cheesecakes, what if there was an option to choose a cheesecake shake instead? Queenborough-based bakery Take THE Cake has shaken up its menu to include the best of the frozen world: ice creams, ice cream shakes and cheesecake shakes. 

Pastry chef Lalit Pant, who has worked in five-star hotels around the world, knows a thing or two about what a customer yearns for when the mercury levels rise — double chocolate thick shake, dark chocolate brownie shake, Oreo cookie and Ferraro Rocher shake. He couldn’t be more right. 

Bought too much? No worries, the bakery has spacious seating, a patio, and a large parking lot for you to nurse that large cup of ice cream drink at your leisure.  

Located at 150-1110 Ewen Ave. at Queens Plaza in Queensborough.

De Dutch 

While it’s hard to think of anything else but the delicious Dutch pannekoek (the Dutch version of pancakes that are large and thin, rather than thick and fluffy) when you are heading to De Dutch, next time, write a note to yourself to order their sweet and creamy milkshakes. According to the 1975-founded restaurant’s Instagram page, they offer as many as 17 flavours — besides the more common strawberry, banana and apple, the list includes some rare options such as matcha, coconut, espresso and lemon.

That’s enough flavours for you to try a new one each day for two straight weeks this summer. Craving for more? De Dutch gets it. Which is probably why they also have a couple of spiked shakes to accompany their fries and french toasts. Ask for Kahlua or Baileys milkshake on days when the temperatures are particularly sizzling.

Located at #102-1035 Columbia St. in Columbia Square Plaza.

White Spot 

What’s better than a tall glass of milkshake? A tall glass and then some. White Spot restaurant is known to over deliver on their milkshake orders — order a milkshake, and it comes with a little bit extra served in a metal malt cup on the side. Besides the feeling that you are getting a lot of bang for your buck, the milkshakes — smooth, rich and frothy — can be quite a comfort when the afternoon sun threatens to pulverise you.

There’s chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and blueberry flavours to choose from. But what probably stands out on the menu is that glass of salted caramel brownie milkshake that seems like a possible antidote to all your summertime blues. 

Located at #134-610 6th St.

 Anny’s Dairy Bar

This dairy bar, a few blocks away from the Royal City Centre, has earned a name for drizzling its soft serve with maple syrup. Though milkshakes seem to be hidden on the menu that boasts an elaborate list of steamie hot dogs, Montreal smoked sandwiches and smoked meat poutine, they are worth shining the spotlight on. 

As noted from a photo shared on Yelp, this Uptown eatery offers banana, vanilla, strawberry, caramel and chocolate milkshakes, besides their all-popular maple flavour. So next time you are in the mood for some authentic French Canadian cuisine on a sweltering summer afternoon, remember you can always complement that order of poutine with a glass of refreshing milkshake.

Located at 722 Sixth St.


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