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First Canadian e-bike subscription service expands in B.C.

Another transportation option amid rising gas prices...
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Canada's first e-bike subscription is offered in four B.C. cities

Have you heard of electric bike subscriptions? Because four cities in the Lower Mainland have just gotten access to Canada’s first e-bike service subscription.  

Zygg Mobility, a Toronto-based company, launched the service along with at-home e-bike care in Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster and North Vancouver.

The subscription includes an e-bike, full repair and maintenance work, at-home swaps or delivery as well as theft and damage protection in a package called “Zyggcare.”

Delivery rider subscriptions start from $54 a week and personal riders are charged $49 per week or $99 a month.

Zygg co-founder Kevin McLaughlin, who is also one of the founders of Vancouver’s car sharing Modo company, said the goal of Zygg is to convert car and truck trips into e-bike rides.

"Reducing the cost barrier, designing our Test Ride and Experience Centres for the new bike rider and giving our riders 24/7 peace-of-mind is all part of our Zyggcare program,” said McLaughlin.

Sachit Chawla, general manager of Zygg in B.C., noted that e-bikes are “an important part of the food delivery ecosystem.”

With B.C. having a variety of food delivery services, e-bikes, he added, can provide delivery riders a “cost effective and hassle-free way” to make deliveries.