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Door-to-door canvassing for Royal Columbian Hospital underway in New West

Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation is doing a door-to-door fundraising campaign in New Westminster.
Royal Columbian Hospital file
Canvassers are currently going door-to-door in New West to raise money for Royal Columbian Hospital.

Canvassers are currently going door-to-door for a Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation fundraising campaign.

A local resident took to a New Westminster Facebook group on Wednesday to inquire if anyone else had had folks coming to their door asking for donations for upgrades to Royal Columbian Hospital. The resident thought this form of fundraising was “odd” and wondered if it was legitimate.

Several residents said it sounded like a scam, with at least one suggesting the resident call the police to report the incident. Others reported that someone had come to their door collecting donations for the hospital foundation.

The original poster followed up by contacting the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation, which confirmed that canvassers were indeed going door-to-door collecting funds for Royal Columbian Hospital.

The Record contacted the foundation to get details about the fundraising campaign.

“Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation has employed the services of Globalfaces Direct to engage in door-to-door fundraising to help the foundation share its mission to support the hospital and to welcome new monthly donors,” Melissa Davis, the foundation’s associate director of marketing and communications, said in a statement to the Record.

According to Davis, all door-to-door canvassers out on behalf of RCH Foundation will identify themselves as working on behalf of Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation; if preferred, residents who are contacted can call the RCHF office (604-520-4438) for confirmation.

“On behalf of the hospital and our patients, we are grateful for the support of the people of New Westminster,” she said.

According to the foundation’s website, canvassers are currently going door-to-door in areas with postal codes V3M, V3N, V3L, V5A, V5C, V5K, V5E, V3V, V3T, V4C, V3J, V3K, V3R, V3C, V3B and V3H.

More details about the door-to-door fundraising campaign can be found online.