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Anonymous donor puts arts funding campaign over the top

An anonymous donor has painted a prettier picture for the arts in New Westminster.
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New Westminster's arts and cultural scene will be the focus of two all-candidates meetings in September.

An anonymous donor has painted a prettier picture for the arts in New Westminster.
Launched on May 5, the Arts Council of New Westminster’s Friends of Arts Council #NewWest campaign ended on July with a total beyond its goal of $35,000, said a news release. An anonymous donor emerged mid-campaign with a commitment of up to $10,000 in matching donated funds.

Combined with ongoing support from community members, the City of New Westminster and the provincial and federal governments, along with the Vancouver Foundation, the ACNW is now able to address the immediate challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
“The strong support from all sectors shows the importance people place on the arts and the respect for the Arts Council’s role as a valued partner,” said ACNW president Robert Crocket.

“We are profoundly grateful for the community members and local businesses that contributed to this campaign; these contributions will ensure that the ACNW continues to create community cohesion through facilitating arts and culture in New Westminster. These results will assist the ACNW in promoting innovations that help artists adapt to the ‘new normal’ ahead.”
In the immediate future, the ACNW will review its public programming and be adapting to new health regulations and guidelines. The ACNW will continue in-person New West Craft artisan markets at Tipperary Park, produce future episodes of the ArtsNW Podcast featuring stories from local artists, and host the now-monthly New Westminster Cultural Roundtable as a platform for learning, information exchange, and capacity development.